Invitation from the Cai-Li-Fo Hong Sheng Guan

Chin Woo New Zealand received an invitation from the Cai-Li-Fo Hong Sheng Guan to participate at the 160th Anniversary Celebration of the founding of this school in Foshan. This invitation came about after our visit to their headquarter during our CWNZ Kung Fu Journey early this year.

Any CWNZ members who are interested to participate in this event in late October 2011, please address your interest with us no later than July 31st 2011 to

Below is the actual invitation received for your reference:

Dear All Disciples from Hong Sheng Guan and Cai Li Fo Martial Art,

It has already been 160 years from the time when Hong Sheng Guan firstly established in Foshan in 1851. Foshan Hong Sheng Guan has witnessed the turbulent times of the Modern China. And now, the disciples of Hong Sheng Guan have been all around the work and Cai Li Fo Martial Art is also with strong influence to the global martial art community.

Under the mandate of the third Hong Sheng Guan Supervisory Board and the related Governmental Department, as well as some of the domestic and overseas disciples’, we have decided to hold the celebration of the 160th Anniversary of Hong Sheng Guan on October 22nd, 2011. It is highly appreciated that if you can spend your precious time to join us.

It is helpful and recommended that if you can share with us how many members of your group can join this event in an early phase, so that we can better coordinate with your accommodations. Moreover, the Invitation Letter is planned to be sent out in around August to early September, 2011.

Sincerely Best Regards,

Foshan Hong Sheng Guan

June 2011

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