Invitation from Martial Arts Institute of Shandong

Chin Woo New Zealand received an invitation from the Martial Arts Institute of Shandong Province to participate at the “First Taishan International Taijiquan Competition” (Oct 17-20) and “Wushu Duan System Examination” (Oct 12-17)in Shandong China.

Any CWNZ members who are interested to participate in this event in October 2011, please address your interest with us no later than July 31st 2011 to

Below is the actual invitation received for your reference:

To: Distinguished ladies and gentlemen,

In order to promote and to develop Chinese Martial Arts and their communication and co-operation at home and abroad, the “2011 First Taishan International Taijiquan Competition of China”, which will be held in Taian City Shandong China from 17th October to 22nd, will be hosted by Shandong Provincial Sports Bureau and Shandong Provincial Tourism Administration and be undertaken by Martial Arts Institute of Shandong Province, Taian Sports Bureau and Taian Tourism Bureau. This competition will be significant event of sport culture for the tourism brand “Friendly Shandong” in 2011.

The events of this competition includes compulsory routines and traditional routines of Chen-style, Yang-style, Wu2 style, Wu3 style and Sun-style and male and female Taiji Push-hands competition as much as over a thousand single and team ones.

During this competition, we will hold an experts forum of Taijiquan, invite famous experts to do on-site instructing and to do performances. The Organizing Committee will hold training course camp for overseas Wushu Duan Wei system and for domestic Duan Wei System examiner. With this opportunity we would like to show the charm of Taijiquan, feeling the soul of every style. At the same time we are willing to provide a platform of communication between us. We sincerely look forward to you and your team.

Mt. Taishan is the natural and cultural heritage in the world and it is also an international tourist destination. We welcome everyone to visit the beautiful and majestic Mt. Taishan and the city of Taian!


2011 First Taishan International Taijiquan Competition of China Organizing Committee

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