Chin Woo Chinese Embassy Demonstration

On Friday 15th July 2011 Chin Woo Wellington gave a variety of traditional Chinese martial arts demonstrations at the Chinese Embassy’s’ Open Day. Through the advocacy of Sifu Melissa Chan, Technical Advisor for traditional Chinese martial arts, Chin Woo New Zealand received an invitation to display it’s vast array of Chinese martial arts for the auspicious event.

The event marked the first time that the Chinese Embassy had opened its doors to the general public and comprised a cultural exchange between various New Zealand and Chinese groups.

The Wellington Chin Woo contingent comprised students and teachers from four well known Wellington kung fu schools. They were:

New Zealand Ling Nan Wushu Association
Led by Sifu Melissa Chan with David Chan and Steve Barret performing

Chen Style Taijiquan Academy (Wellington Branch)
Led by Sifu Terry Young performing

New Zealand Wing Tsun Association (Wellington Branch)
Led by Mr Alex Martell with Anton Marsden, Miki Schmidt, Chris Chou, Zak Sun performing

New Zealand Chinese Kung Fu Association
Led by Sifu Peter Sue and performing with Arron Chan

The demonstration lasted 20 minutes and comprised of various sets including the Tiger & Crane form of Hung Kuen, abridged Canon Fist form of Chen Style Taijiquan, Siu Nim Tau, Chum Kiu and Sticky Hands sets of Wing Tsun and the Broadsword, Praying Mantis and Bak Mei forms of Southern China.

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