Auckland Chin Woo Team Shines (by Peter Yu)

We are very pleased to report that a very exciting weekend has just passed for our Chin Woo Auckland athletes and another credit to Coach Guo for the excellent results from the Auckland based tournament held on Saturday 31/05.

From the original 13 athletes registered for this tournament, Vincent Tan had to pull out because of injuries, so only 12 members participated.

Despite this, the athletes between them brought home, 9 Gold, 9 Silver and 5 Bronze medals. An excellent effort demonstrated by the 12 athletes and the proof of dedication and commitment of Coach Guo in spreading Traditional Chinese Wushu through Chin Woo New Zealand.

Congratulations to Jun Selwyn, Lushien Lee, Berin Hunter, Daniel Crothers, Tom Cotton, Geno Hipolito, Bryan Lau, Dylan Gao, Lu-kerne Lee, Quinton Tan, Jeffrey Wang & Hailey Guo.

May your success in this tournament be turned into commitment to excel yourselves further at the upcoming Annual Chin Woo New Zealand Competition in October.

Click on Play below to view Tom Cottons Double Broadsword (shuang dao) form.

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