Wellington Chin Woo Demonstration Squad (by David Chan)

The Chin Woo Demonstration Squad is now up and running.

The purpose of the Demonstration Squad is to showcase to the public the local Chinese martial art talent ranging across various arts under ‘one umbrella’ in the name of Chin Woo.

Through providing facilitated training sessions, the Chin Woo Demonstration Squad hopes to:

* Promote and preserve the ethos, traditions and virtues in Chinese martial arts.

* Cultivate friendship by providing a common medium where members can train in and perform their own art alongside members from different arts in a safe and trustworthy environment.

* Improve awareness of the indigenous benefits that participating in Chinese martial arts bring in addition to style specific rewards.

* Serve as a medium of exchange and learning between members from different arts that share common goals.

* Have fun.

On Sunday 25th May a group 18 strong met at the training hall of Mr John Duncan, Head Instructor in the art of Nan Shaolin Wuzu Quan five ancestor kung fu in Maungaraki, Lower Hutt.

The group comprised Chinese martial art practitioners from Southern Praying Mantis, Nan Shaolin Wuzu Quan, Wing Tsun, Hap Gar and Hung Gar kung fu styles.

Facilitated by Squad Leader Mr Miki Schmidt, introductions were given by the respective leaders of each group and following a few ‘ice breaking’ activities, the training commenced.

Mr Ben Fransham, a Wing Tsun practitioner with an active background in acting and dance took the group through a simple but effective warm up routine. Following this, members were invited to demonstrate one technique to the group from their art and this proved to be a useful platform to launch into the more elaborate demonstrations that followed soon after.

After 20 minutes of preparation, each group then gave a 5 minute demonstration covering some of the basic concepts, techniques, forms and applications of their art. The purpose of this was to document the many different items that each art would be bringing to the demonstration squad.

All demonstrations were recorded on digital film and will be analyzed by the squad organizers over the coming weeks and before the next training session. From the footage, the organizers aim to assemble a free flowing and exciting performance that integrates the various arts in a way that highlights the key principals and techniques that lie at the heart of each style.

The next demonstration squad training session is set down for Sunday 27th July 2008. Venue to be advised leading up to the date. For more information, please contact Mr Miki Schmidt on 027 249 6561.

Lastly a warm thank you to Mr John Duncan for giving up his training hall for the session.

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