Wushu Have-A-Go day (by Tom Cotton)

The Wushu Have-A-Go day was held at the Auckland University Recreation Centre on Sunday the 8th of June. The demonstration, performed by Chinwoo New Zealand’s Headcoach George Guo’s students, showed the wide range of styles that Wushu has to offer to a group of 20 participants of all ages.

Coach George Guo and two of his senior students, Tom Cotton and Berin Hunter led the teaching aspect of the day, going over numerous Wushu basic movements; including stance work, kicking and jumping. To finish the event, the basic form Wu Bu Quan, or Five Stances form, was taught to those taking part.

Below are some photos taken at the event. Please click on the image to enlarge.

*About The Benefits of Wushu*

The practice of Wushu can develop and improve the body, mind and spirit. Through diligent and consistent training, Wushu can improve the health of your body, give you strength and flexibility, calm the mind and teach you how to defend yourself. Taught properly, these benefits can flow on into your daily and professional working life.

For more information on Wushu in the Auckland region, please contact Tom Cotton on 027-4482680 or nespis@gmail.com.

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