Weekend Festival to open with Grand Daughter of original Chin Woo teacher Great Grandmaster Wu Chien Ch’uan.

*Saturday 4th October, 10:30am – 12:30pm*
*Madam Shi Mei Lin*
*Wu Style Tai Chi and Wushu*

The 10th Anniversary Festival will kick start with a very special presentation headed by internationally renowned Tai Chi teacher- Madam Shi Mei Lin (Wu Yan Tang).

Madam Shi Mei Lin is the adopted daughter of Wu Yinghua and Ma Yueliang both of whom studied directly under the systems founder Great Grandmaster Wu Chien Ch’uan, one of the original Chin Woo masters who taught at the original Chin Woo School in shanghai in the 1920’s.

Shi Mei Lin is also the older kung fu sister to Jet Li one of the worlds most famous kung fu actors and Hollywood action stars.

She has spent her entire life studying and teaching Martial Arts. Beginning her own training aged 7, she went on to graduate from the Beijing Sports and Cultural University in Chinese Martial Arts.

A Wushu (a member of the Shanghai Wushu Team) and Tai Chi champion in the 1970s and 1980s, she toured with Chinese Wushu teams internationally, including the United States in 1974 when she was part of an elite Chinese Martial Arts Delegation. In later years she was an instructor for members of the Shanghai Wushu Team and she also coached the Taiwanese Wushu Team in 1994 as well as coaching in Japan.

Shi Mei Lin is currently Head Taolu Coach for the New Zealand Kung Fu Wushu Federation.

Shi Mei Lin has been an international Tai Chi champion and five times an All China National Tai Chi Champion.

In 1986 she won the Chinese National Tai Chi sword competition as well as becoming the Wu Style Tai Chi Champion.


*Sunday 5th October, 10:30am – 1:00pm*
*Sifu Kenneth Liu*
*Baguazhang, Hong Kong*

At 8th Duan, Master Liu is one of the highest ranking Chinese Kung Fu master outside of Mainland China under the Chinese Governments ‘Duan’ system. Master Liu is also life Patron of the Chin Woo Athletic Association of New Zealand. He is one of the foremost teachers in Baguazhang (Fu Style) and travels widely to promote Chin Woo and Chinese martial arts.

*Sifu Melissa Chan, Sunday 5th October 2:00pm – 4:30pm*
*Hung Gar and Hap Gar Kung Fu*

Sifu Melissa Chan is a southern fist exponent. Her principal teachers were her Sifu Master Deng Gum To and her Sihing (older kung fu brother) Professor Zhou Pu Wang.

In 1980 Sifu Fung qualified to represent Guangdong Province at the All China Kung Fu Nationals. Her chosen style was Hap Kuen and Hung Kuen. At the Nationals competitors had to enter two traditional forms plus two weapons forms plus win their weight division in full contact San Shou fighting. Sifu Fung returned to Guangdong victorious having taken the Gold medal in her category.

Sifu Fung is a qualified instructor and regional judge under the Guangdong Wushu Federation, a life member of the Chin Woo Athletic Association of New Zealand and head instructor for the New Zealand Ling Nan Wushu Association.


*Sifu Peter Sue, Sunday 5th October 2:00pm – 4:30pm*
*Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu*

Sifu Peter Sue studied martial arts under the late Sifu Bill Young who in 1968, founded the first Chinese martial arts school in New Zealand. During his early years of training, Sifu Sue had the opportunity to train with visiting Chinese and Japanese sailors, some of whom were masters of various kung fu styles including Hung Gar, White Eyebrow and Chow Gar Southern Praying Mantis. Being one of the founding student’s Sifu was invited to practice in Sifu Bill’s school with these masters who shared their knowledge with Sifu Sue and other high ranking students.

More about Sifu Peter Sue: http://www.chinwoo.org.nz/textpattern/index.php?id=18

*George Guo (Guo Yuan Cheng), *Sunday 5th October 2:00pm – 4:30pm*
*NZ Chin Woo/ Wushu Coach, New Zealand*

Coach Guo is graduate of Tianjin Institute of Physical Education and was a professional athelete and trained with Tian Jin’s Wushu team.

In his early years, Coach Guo represented China in Wushu exchanges to Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, and Korea, just to name a few. He was later appointed assistant coach of Tian Jin’s Wushu team and head coach of Chinwoo Tianjin, guest coach of Chinwoo Selangor (Malaysia), head coach of Chinwoo Western Australia and is currently the head coach of Chinwoo New Zealand.

He has clinched numerous medals at the China Nationals. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L7NuzGdKGVQ for a demonstration of Guo Yuan Cheng and the Kwan Dao.


*Sifu Hennie Barnard, Sunday 5th October 2:00- 4:30pm*
*Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan*

Sifu Hennie Barnard has been involved with various martial arts for over 50 years. The last 20 years was dedicated to Tai Chi Chuan.

He has been an instructor for 17 years and also teaches Tai Chi at various colleges and schools in Wellington, New Zealand.

Hennie is also a New Zealand National Judge at Kung Fu and Tai Chi competitions.

He studied under Leslie James Reed [Sifu], Cape Town, South Africa; Zhao Rao Rao [Sifu], Beijing; Prof. Kan Gui Xiang, Beijing University and Dr Paul Lam [Sifu], Sydney, Australia.

Hennie has studied Ba Gua Zhang under Master Kenneth Liu while he was in Hong Kong, China.

*Sifu Stan Lytras, Sunday 5th October 2:00pm – 4:30pm*
*Five Animal Form Southern Chinese Kung Fu*

Sifu Stan Lytras is the Chief Instructor of the Chinese Martial Arts Association in Wellington.

This school was established in 1968 in Wellington by a group of Chinese martial artists whose objective was to share knowledge and train on a regular basis. The first training sessions were held at the back of a fruit shop in Hataitai. The School was led by Sifu Bill Young with whom it has become synonymous.


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