Chin Woo 10AC

Material related to Chin Woo New Zealand’s 10th Anniversary Festival which was held in Wellington on the 4th and 5th October 2008.

All photos courtesy of Keane Chan, Matthew Dee and Shalini Karunaarachchi.

If you wish to purchase a copy of the Event DVD which includes all of the demonstration’s plus selected footage from the five workshops held, please email The cost is $25.00 and all proceeds go towards fund raising for Chin Woo activities.

Please keep checking back from time to time as more material is added.

*Saturday Morning*

*Slide show of organisers preparing for the weekends events early on Saturday Morning.*

*The Workshops*

*Slideshow of workshops held over the weekend.*

*Saturday Afternoon*

*Opening and Speeches*

*1. New Zealand Ling Nan Wushu Association [Hung Gar and Hap Gar Kung Fu], Wellington- Led by Sifu Melissa Chan*

*2. Ms Amanda Fung, Wellington- Tai Chi Jian*

*3. New Zealand Wing Tsun Association, Wellington and Auckland- Led by Sifu Peter Yu*

*4. Chen Tai Chi Centre NZ, Auckland- Led by Sifu Malisa Ng*

*5. Nam Pai Chuan Palmerston North- Led by Sifu Gary O’Sullivan*

*6. Chinese Martial Arts Association, Wellington-Led by Sifu Stan Lytras*

*7. New Zealand Kung Fu Association, Wellington- Led by Sifu Peter Sue*

*8. Hui Min Zhao Kung Fu School Palmerston North- Led by Madam Hui Min Zhao*

*9. Wellington School of Tai Chi Chuan-Led by Sifu Hennie Barnard*

*10. Chin Woo Athletic Association of NZ, Auckland- Led by Coach Guo Yuan Cheng*

*11. The Tai Chi Company, Wellington- Led by Sifu Terry Young*

*12. Shi Mei Lin International Wu Shu Association, Wellington- Led by Madam Shi Mei Lin*

*13. Fu Style Baguazhang, Hong Kong- Led by Sifu Kenneth Liu*

*Promotional Teaser- Chin Woo NZ 10th Anniversary Festival- “The Workshops”*

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