Visit by Mr. Li Bin, the Vice Chairman of the Shenzhen Wushu Association

Through the introduction of our patron, Mr. Kenneth Liu (who is currently base in Hong Kong), we were informed of the upcoming visit of “a modern traditionist” – Mr. Li Bin, the Vice Chairman of the Shenzhen Wushu Association.

On Saturday 18th August, Chin Woo Wellington hosted Mr. Li Bin, a Xing-Yi and Sun Style Tai Chi teacher from Shenzhen, Southern China.

Mr. Li is a graduate of the Beijing Wushu Institute and has studied both traditional and contemporary wushu over many years. He studied Sun Style Tai Chi from Sun Shu Rong who was the granddaughter of the Sun style founder Master Sun Lu Tang.

Accompanying Mr. Li was Miss Wang who was very helpful in assisting with translation on the day.

The exchange took place for 2 hours on the Saturday afternoon and included an impressive demonstration by Mr Li of Xing-Yi Quan, the famous ‘mind boxing’ internal style of Northern China. When initially learning Xing-Yi Mr. Li trained for some 6 years every day for 3-4 hours per day! It was this enduring commitment that helped him to achieve great success in many competitions in China.

Mr. Li also treated the group to a demonstration of the rare Sun Style Tai Chi, both empty hand and jian forms. Mr. Li’s jian demonstration was impressive, particular as it was the author’s jian (which is a heavy and firm weapon) that he was bending to all sorts of angles.

Reciprocating on behalf of Chin Woo Wellington was a variety of local kung fu practitioners one of whom is Sifu Hennie Barnard of the Wellington School of Tai Chi Chuan. Sifu Barnard gave a good demonstration of the Yang Style 36 Jian Form.

Also in attendance were members from the NZ Ling Nam Wushu Association, led by Sifu Melissa Chan. Sifu Chan demonstrated the southern Chinese form Hap Gar Siu Lohan as well as the Yang 24 Tai Chi form. Various students from the Ling Nam Association also performed forms from their curriculum. Sifu Peter Sue of the Wellington Chinese Martial Arts Association gave an impressive demonstration of his power in performing the Southern Praying Mantis and Shotokan Karate’s Tensho forms.

Students from the NZ Wing Tsun Association gave an ad-hoc demonstration of various Wing Tsun forms as well as pre-arranged Chi Sau sets. Befitting a Chin Woo organized event, Miki Schmidt performed a section of the Tam Tui form, Chin Woo’s first set.

The afternoon went by fast and Mr. Li’s passion for traditional Chinese martial arts shone through from his enthusiasm and willingness to encourage others, both junior and senior to him to pursue higher levels of achievement in their arts. One Chin Woo member likened the mood of the afternoon’s exchange as to that of good friends chatting around a camp fire. Mr. Li graciously extended an open invitation to the members to visit and train with him and his students in Shenzhen, a generous and tempting offer for many of us.

The following day at 4pm, Mr. Li accompanied by Miss Wang, visited the Auckland chapter and was greeted by Auckland Regional Director & National Chin Woo Coach, Mr. George Guo. Mr. Robert Pointon came up from Hamilton and Sifu Malisa Ng of Chenshi Taichicise got off her sick bed to support this special occasion.

Tom Cotton, senior student of Coach Guo, demonstrated a well executed Jie Quan from the official Chin Woo form which has attracted high praises from Mr. Li. Other performers included Peter Yu doing a modified Wing Tsun Chum Kiu form; Sifu Malisa Ng demonstrated a segment from the Chen Style Tai Chi new form; Sifu Robert Pointon performed a part of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan; Sifu Robert Chitty demonstrated the Wing Tsun Free Style Sticky Hands. A young Chin Woo member also demonstrated the basic form of Wing Tsun Siu Nim Tau which Mr. Li has found fascinating of the small and compactness of this Southern style kung-fu since his prime interest was the Northern style, where both the footworks and hand movements are a lot bigger.

Mr. Li performed his traditional Sun Style Tai Chi Sword (Jian) which had held all who have attended spellbound. We have all thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Li’s visit and looking forward to meeting up with him again either in China or here in New Zealand in the near future.

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