The Triumphant Return of Our Competition Team from Shanghai


Chief Wushu Coach George Guo once again lead the Chin Woo New Zealand competition team to the biennial 13th World Chin Woo Tournament & Cultural Festival, held in Shanghai from 12th to 19th of August. This world event attracted over 190 competitors from 25 teams, representing China, Malaysia, Brazil, Canada, Holland, Hong Kong, Australia, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, USA and New Zealand. Our team of 9 athletes competed in 23 events.

By participating in this World Chin Woo event, not only did our athletes have the opportunity to showcase our Wushu standards to other Chin Woo fraternities, but also to observe how Wushu has been promoted and developed in other countries, and from it gaining a much more in-depth insight into the essence of Chinese Wushu, in turn enriching their experience in life. Furthermore, we are proud of their achievements of a collective medal count of 23 (6 Gold, 9 Silver, 8 Bronze) shared amongst 9 athletes in events including the old and new traditional Chin Woo and International Wushu empty hand and weaponry forms. Especially in 3 separate groups of the two-person routine of “Zhan Ma Dao dui Qiang” (Double handed broadsword vs Spear) which further highlighted the co-operative spirits of our athletes, impressive for all to see in receiving 2 gold and 1 bronze in this event.

On behalf of CWNZ and as president of this association, I would like to praise the high standard and calibre of the judges in the 13th World Chin Woo Tournament, in their recognition of the standard of our athletes with high awards. Also, I would like to solemnly remind our CWNZ athletes not to rest on their laurels, but to continue in their striving for a higher plateau and to practice and train self-effacingly, to be ready for the next challenge in two years’ time.

Lastly, my compliments go to our Chief Wushu Coach, George Guo for his tireless effort and input into shaping a high standard of traditional Wushu in New Zealand in the last 10 years, and supporting CWNZ into the 16th year of establishing in New Zealand. My sincere gratitude to Coach Guo!

Jack Chan
September 2014




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