Kung Fu Journey 2006/7 Report

*Report on NZCW Kung Fu Journey 2006/7*
By Peter Yu (tour co-leader)
Photos Selected by Kate Brown (tour member)

*Mission Statement*

1) To cultivate friendship with CW fraternities and other martial arts associations and to develop personal contacts with fellow martial arts peers in Hong Kong & China through seminars & exchanges.

2) To experience at first hand of Chinese custom & culture through sights, sound & taste.

*Duration of Journey*

17/12/06 to 06/01/07 from Auckland/Wellington, total 21 days

*Number of Participants*

36 NZ Chin Woo Members (Auckland 10, Wellington 22, Singapore 1, Shanghai 2, Japan 1)

*Tour Leaders*

Kenneth Liu & Peter Yu

*Organisations Contacted*

China Wu-Shu Research Institute (Beijing, China)
Chinese Wushu Association (Beijing, China)
Wushu Federation of Asia (Beijing, China)
Beijing Wushu Institute (Beijing, China)
Tianjin Chin Woo Athletic Association (Tianjin, China)
Shanghai Chin Woo Athletic Federation (Shanghai, China)
Foshan Chin Woo Athletic Association (Foshan, China)
Guangdong Provincial Wu-Shu Federation (Guangzhou, China)
Guangzhou Wu-Shu Association (Guangzhou, China)
Guangzhou Chin Woo Athletic Association (Guangzhou, China)
Sum-Yee Taichi & Pak Kua Wushu Association (Hong Kong)

*Noted Sites Visited*

Bronze Buddha & Temple (Lantau Island, Hong Kong)
Part of Great Wall (Beijing, China)
Temple of Heaven (Beijing, China)
Forbidden City (Beijing, China)
Tiananmen Square (Beijing, China)
Ming Tombs (Beijing, China)
Huo Yuan Jia Memorial (Tianjin, China)
Tianjin TV & Radio Tower (Tianjin, China)
Ancient Culture Street (Tianjin, China)
Yuyuan Garden & The Bund (Shanghai, China)
Oriental Pearl Tower – One of the top 5 tallest buildings in the world (Shanghai, China)
Wu Zhen – One of the 4 famous water towns in China (Suzhou, China)
West Lake (Hangzhou, China)
Ancestral Temple – Yip Man & Wong Fei-Hong Memorial (Foshan, China)
Bruce Lee Memorial (Shunde, China)

*Noted People in Martial Arts Contacted*

Mr. Xu Cai (Former Chairman of International Wushu Federation)
Mr. Kang Ge Wu (Secretary General of Chinese Wushu Association, Vice Chairman of Traditional Wushu Committee of IWUF)
Mr. Feng Li (Editor-in-Chief of Wuhun Magazine)
Madam Fu Bao Li (President of Tianjin Chin Woo Wushu Federation)
Mr. Lanhg Rong Biao (Headmaster of Tianjin Huoyuanjia Wenwu School)
Madam Lu Li Juan (Honorary President of Shanghai Chin Woo Athletic Federation)
Mr. Jia Rui Bao (Vice Chairman Shanghai Chin Woo Athletic Federation)
Mr. Cheng Nei Hua (Secretary General of Shanghai Chin Woo Athletic Federation)
Mr. James Fu Qing Quan (Vice President of World Yong Nian Tai-Chi Federation)
Mr. Mishiro Masahiro (Chairman of Japan Tai Chi Quan Club)
Mr. Chen Chang Mian (One of the Top 10 Martial Arts Coaches in China)
Mr. Dong De Qiang (Former CEO of Guangdong Wushu Team)
Madam Chan Yuen King (Tai Chi & Pak Kua Teacher, Hong Kong)
Madam Mun Kem Ying (Tai Chi & Pak Kua Teacher, Hong Kong)
Mr. Guy Lai (Wing Chun Kung Fu Master, Hong Kong)
Mr. Sung Man (Former Head Coach of Hong Kong Wushu Team)
Madam Rose Wong (Wu Style Tai Chi Teacher)
Madam Cheng Wai-Hing (Fu Style Pa Kua Teacher)

*Noted Martial Arts Instructors Taken Part in Seminars/Exchanges*

Mr. Cheng Chun He (Vice Chairman of Beijing Wushu Institute)
Mr. Tong Xuan Rong (Chairman of Beijing Hsing-I Quan Research Institute)
Mr. Heman Liang (President of Foshan Chin Woo Athletic Association)
Mr. Siu Ting Fan (President of Pak Mei Kung Fu Association of Guangzhou)
Mr. Deng Jan Gong (President of Hap Gar Kuen Association of Guangzhou)
Mr. Kenneth Liu (Pak Kua Master, Hong Kong)
Mr. Wong Siu Fong (Hung Kuen Master, Hong Kong)
Madam Jasmine Tung (Yang Style Tai Chi Master, Hong Kong)
Mr. Lok Gui Fu (Six Harmony & Eight Method Master, Hong Kong)
Mr. Fung Ji Choi (Eagle Claw Master, Hong Kong)
Leung Sheung Wing Chun Group (Hong Kong)
Mr. Wan Kam Luen (Tam Gar Sam Jin Kuen Master, Hong Kong)

*Proposed Activities & Events from This Trip*

1) To initiate a regular student exchange programme with Tianjin Huoyuanjia Wenwu School (the teaching arm of Tianjin Chin Woo Athletic Association).
2) Personal invitation by Madam Lu Li Juan (Honourary President of Shanghai Chin Woo Athletic Federation) to participate at the 100th anniversary celebration of Shanghai Chin Woo in 2010.
3) Met with President/Founder of Thailand Chin Woo Athletic Federation in Hong Kong to discuss possible participation at the South East Asia Dragon & Lion Dance Competition in Thailand in 2008.
4) Discussion underway in bringing Southern Lion Dance and drumming instructors from Foshan or Guangzhou to NZ for short term instruction to NZ students.

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