2006/7 Kung Fu Journey-Memorable Experience

Chin Woo Kung Fu Journey
One ‘Memorable Experience’

Having traveled in excess of 15,000 km across mainland China, I eagerly awaited the penultimate leg of our journey with great anticipation and enthusiasm. Guangzhou was our last official Chin Woo exchange in the mainland and while many of us were feeling the effects of over 2 weeks on the road, warm and cold environs as well as burning the candle at both ends, I felt somewhat revived when we hit the last leg of our journey into Southern China.

Mr Deng Jan Gong is the son of my Sifu’s teacher, Mr Deng Gum To. He is also my Sifu’s Sihing which, in my kung fu family, makes, him my Sibak or my older kung fu uncle. He teaches Hop Gar and Hung Gar kung fu as well as traditional Yang Style Tai Chi and is the 5th generation of kung fu masters in the Deng family.

Meeting Deng Sibak was worth the journey alone however what followed really was the ‘icing on the cake’. After dinner, he wanted to see my Hap Gar fist form. A concoction of fatigue, confined space and copious amounts of that dreaded Chinese rice wine brought about many nervous looks from the restaurant staff. Noticing that the waiters were anxious to close up shop, we adjourned to our Hotel to continue the lessons.

Back at the Hotel I continued training on the rooftop garden. Deng Sibak struck me as a very modest and patient person passionate about sharing his tradition with those willing to learn. I was, and still am quite humbled at the interest he took in helping me with my kung fu.

I must express my deep appreciation and thanks to my Sifu for giving me this opportunity and to Chin Woo for making it all happen. The true strength of Chin Woo lies within its one family philosophy that allows members from vast distances, different cultures but similar minds to come together to exchange, develop and grow.

David Chan
February 2007

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