Fourth Annual Chin Woo New Zealand Wushu Competition

Saturday 6 October 2007, Farm Cove Intermediate, Pakuranga
By Josh Addison & Peter Yu
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The Fourth Annual Chin Woo New Zealand Wushu Competition took place on Saturday the 6th of October at Farm Cove Intermediate in Pakuranga. Students from several Auckland wushu schools competed in a variety of event categories, which, for the first time, included International Wushu Federation competition forms in addition to the standard Chin Woo forms.

This year’s competition saw a large turnout, with two separate performance areas set up to accommodate all of the events. Students competed in over ten events organised into more than fifteen separate categories, with competitors divided by experience, age and gender depending on the event. Also included in the day’s events were open categories for bare-hand and weapon exhibition forms.

Supervised by head judge and Chin Woo NZ Chief Wushu Coach George Guo, assistant judges Berin Hunter and Michael Yip awarded scores, aided by their corner judges. A good level of competition was on show in all events, with students from all schools taking away prizes. The traditional exhibition forms saw an impressive variety of styles on display, drawing much applause from the audience.

The Chairman of Chin Woo NZ, Peter Yu, in his closing address, first congratulated all the competing athletes for their participation and to remind them that winning is less important than the knowledge & friendship gained through this tournament. Learning & practicing the Martial Ethics ( ) is just as significant as learning & practicing of the techniques in wushu. Concluded with asking all athletes to be remindful of the Chinese tradition of “????”, while drinking water, one must remember it’s source, in this case, always to remember & respect their instructor, for he or she is imparting to them their own life experiences.

Over 100 medals were awarded to the various divisional winners. Special award presenter of the day, Vice Chairman of Shenzhen Wushu Association of China, Mr. Li Bin, a master of Sun Style Internal System.

Also at the awards ceremony, for the first time in New Zealand, some one or two star patches were awarded to students who have successfully passed the requirement set by the internationally recognised Chin Woo grading system.

The day was a big success all round, thanks to all competitors, organisers and volunteers who made it possible.

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