Chinwoo Chinese Martial Arts Park in Tianjin

April 21, 2010 Wednesday

A planned investment of 2.2 billion RMB has begun construction. The “Chinwoo Chinese Martial Arts Park” is a development project in the home town of the famous martial artist Huo Yuan-Jia (Xiao Nan He Village, Jing Wu Town, Xi Qing District, Tianjin).

This “Theme Park” project has been regarded as one of the key developments in the cultural tourism industry for Tianjin in 2010. This impressive project covers 3,570 acres with a building area of 600,000 square meters. The intention of this project is to transform the home of Huo Yuan-Jia into the hub of cultural exchange, tourism, patriotic education and a filmmaking base. Creating a centre point for the world Chinwoo movement for people from all around the world to visit and enjoy.

The Deputy Secretary of Tourism Department for Tianjin Xiqing District, Defeng, said the town this year has invested 300 million yuan to develope an area of 465 acres for the Huo Yuan-Jia Memorial, which includes 4 individual structures, the Huo Yuan-Jia Mausoleum, the Huo Yuan-Jia Memorial Hall, a Martial Arts Training Centre and a Chinwoo Centre with a total construction area of about 46,000 square meters.

The existing Huo Yuan-Jia Memorial will be expanded from the original site in an area of about 130 acres, with a structure area of 2,512 square meters. The new Huo Yuan-Jia Memorial Hall will cover an area of about 170 acres, with structure area of 5,120 square meters. Once completed this will house the exhibits of the legend and legacy of Master Huo Yuan-Jia and the history and development of the Chinwoo Athletic Association since its inception in 1910. The Huo Yuan-Jia Memorial and Mausoleum projects, is expected to be completed by September 2010.
At present, the design for the Huo Yuan-Jia Martial Arts Training Centre and the Chinwoo Centre are near the final stages, with the commencement of construction expected during 2010. The Huo Yua- Jia Martial Arts Training Centre covering about 20 acres, with a building area of 6,886 square meters, once completed can be used to host all kinds of national and world-class martial arts tournaments. The Chinwoo Centre, covering about 145 acres and a building area of 27,200 square meters, will mainly be used to house the Headquarter for World Chinwoo and can also provide accommodation, catering for conference and seminars, as well as for tourism and other services.

Huo Yuan-Jia was born in 1868 to a martial arts family which specialise in the “Mi-Zong” style of Chinese boxing and is the founder of The Chin Woo Athletic Association. The name of his hometown in Tianjin, Nan He Town in Xi Qing District, has been officially changed to Jing Wu (Chinwoo) Town in 2009. Currently the Chin Woo Athletic Association has as many as several hundred thousand members within 53 chapters around the world.

Source: Ming Pao Daily News news network


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