Chin Woo Tai Chi and Qi Gong Seminar for Te Hopai Residents

On Sunday 30th November 2008, Chin Woo Life members Sifu Peter Sue and Sifu Melissa Chan visited Te Hopai Resthome and Hospital in Wellington to introduce some of the residents to Tai Chi and Qi Gong for health.

Ms Masako Crawford, a trustee of Te Hopai Home welcomed the group on behalf of the residents.

Accompanied by Chin Woo NZ Secretary General David Chan and Teresa Chan who translated for Sifu Melissa Chan, the group spent an hour and half demonstrating and taking the residents through some of the basic movements to encourage good health and well being.

Sifu Melissa Chan performed the well known 24 movements tai chi form and then led some keen residents through a few of the segments such as the Opening form and the Cloud Hands form.

Sifu Peter Sue gave a demonstration of two northern Chinese Qi Gong Forms that are used to improved blood and oxygen circulation, enhance muscular movement and strengthen the tendons and ligaments in the body.

The afternoon went by fast and many residents participated in the exercises with the assistance of Sifu Sue and Chan. In closing, Ms Crawford thanked the group for giving their time to visit the residents.

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