Chin Woo New Zealand Team “Send-Off” Banquet (by Peter Yu)

With slightly over 2 years ago, Coach Guo led a successful team of 7 athletes to the 9th World Chinwoo Wushu Tournament held in London, and returned triumphantly with 12 medals (4 Gold, 3 Silver & 5 Bronze). A great result for the Coach’s first effort in introducing our New Zealand athletes to the world arena.

On 15/11/2008, the “Send-Off” banquet for the 12 member strong team, CWNZ’s second endeavor in sending a team to an international tournament – the 10th World Chinwoo Wushu Tournament & Cultural Carnival, was held at CWNZ’s favorite eatery in Auckland, the Star BBQ Chinese Restaurant in Mt Albert. This event was well supported by 50 plus Chin Woo members and well-wishers.

In between the 9 course feast, an official presentation was made by the Chairman Peter Yu, to the athletes & team members, each with their unique team jacket, a 10AC commemorative T-Shirt and furthermore for each of the 8 athletes & coach their own, custom-made official Chin Woo uniform, distinctive by the 13 continuous buttons, which is a compulsory requisite for Chin Woo forms competition, a tradition once again resurrected by the tournament host, Ipoh Chinese Chinwoo Athletic Association. Coach Guo received the New Zealand flags with the commitment that it will fly high again at the award ceremony this time just as it had in London two years ago.

Tom Cotton and Siu-Yuat Wong are the two veterans, being second-timers. The rest of the team are all first time participants in this renowned biennial international tournament. The team members are:

*Team Manager/Leader:* Mr. Kenneth Liu
*Wushu Umpire/Coach:* Mr. George Guo
*Supportes:* Mr. Glenn Selwyn & Mr. Choi-Lam Hai

*Jun Selwyn* (CW: Gong Li Quan/Qun Yang Gun/Jie Tan Tui WS: Chang Quan/Gun Shu)
*Lu Shien Lee* (CW: Tan Tui/Qun Yang Gun/Jie Tan Tui WS: Chang Quan)
*Siu Yuat Wong* (CW: Da Zhan Quan/Qun Yang Gun WS: Chang Quan/Gun Shu)
*Bryan Lau* (CW: Jie Quan/Ba Gua Dao WS: Chang Quan/Gun Shu)
*Tom Cotton* (CW: Jie Quan/Ga Gua Dao WS: Chang Quan/Jian Shu Exhibition Event: Shuang Dao)
*Vincent Tan* (CW: Jie Quan/Ba Gua Dao WS: Chang Quan)
*Berin Hunter* (CW: Jie Quan/Wu Hu Qiang WS: Chang Quan/Qiang Shu)
*Daniel Crothers* (CW: Jie Quan/Ba Gua Dao)

According to Coach Guo this tournament in Malaysia will be attended by some of the top wushu athletes from China & from around the world and therefore will be a true testification of where our standard lies compared with the rest of the world. Peter Yu first congratulated Coach Guo for his dedication and effort in readied the team and concluded his address by reminding the athletes of the traditional Chinese martial arts saying of “以武会友” (yi wu hui you), that the true essence of the World Chin Woo tournament is not about winning or losing but to cultivate friendship through this martial exchange and for them to share their experiences with their compatriots upon their return.

The team will depart from Auckland on 20/11 and returning on 27/11. CWNZ sending their best wishes with this team and awaits for their victorious homecoming.

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