Chin Woo New Zealand- Annoucement of New Technical Advisors

Chin Woo New Zealand is pleased to announce the appointment of Sifu Melissa Fung Chan and Sifu Peter Sue to the position of Technical Advisor- Traditional Chinese Martial Arts.

The appointments represent a significant advancement in Chin Woo New Zealand’s ongoing mission to promote traditional Chinese martial arts in New Zealand.

The role of the Technical Advisor- Traditional Chinese Martial Arts is (among other things) to:

Provide leadership, recommendations/ liaison/ amendments to all cultural, philosophical and technical training matters concerned with staging traditional Chinese martial arts (“TCMA”) performance and competition based events.

In consultation with the Chin Woo New Zealand Executive, liaise with Chin Woo New Zealand (“CWNZ”) members to assist with cultural, philosophical and technical training matters.

Attend local, regional and national meetings to present technical reports on pertinent matters, as required from time to time.

Continually undertake research into TCMA on behalf of CWNZ.

Organize and conduct workshops/ focus groups/ seminars aimed at both members and the general public to promote CWNZ and TCMA in general.

When required- regular communication, mentoring and visitation expectations with CWNZ members to advise on cultural, philosophical and technical training matters regarding TCMA.

Continually assist in the promotion of the Chin Woo Ideals throughout the local and wider martial arts community.

Chin Woo New Zealand congratulates Sifu’s Chan and Sue on their successful appointments and looks forward to their valued input into furthiring the development of traditional Chinese martial arts in New Zealand.

About Sifu Meliisa Fung Chan

Sifu Melissa Fung Chan (陳馮映紅(虹)) began her training back in 1962 in Guangzhou City, South China. She studied Hung Gar and Hap Gar kung fu from her Sifu Master Deng Gum To until the early 1980’s when she immigrated to New Zealand.

She competed actively in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s in China and in 1980 won the gold medal for traditional southern fist kung fu at the All China Nationals. In 2003 she commenced classes teaching her line of traditional southern fist kung fu.

Sifu Fung is the Chief Instructor for the New Zealand Ling Nan Wushu Association and prior to arriving in New Zealand she was a qualified instructor and provincial judge for the Guangdong Wushu Federation.

About Sifu Peter Sue

Sifu Peter Sue studied martial arts under the late Sifu Bill Young who in 1968, founded the first Chinese martial arts school in New Zealand.

During his early years of training, Sifu Sue had the opportunity to train with visiting Chinese and Japanese sailors, some of whom were masters of various kung fu styles including Hung Gar, White Eyebrow and Chow Gar Southern Praying Mantis.

Being one of the founding student’s Sifu Sue was invited to practice in Sifu Bill’s school with these masters who shared their knowledge with Sifu Sue and other high ranking students.

Sifu Sue is the Chief Instructor for the New Zealand Chinese Kung Fu Association based in Wellington.

Capital Times Article on Sifu Peter Sue 5/3/2008

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