2009 Fundraising Movie Night

The 2009 Chin Woo Auckland movie night was a great success. The evening, designed to help raise funds for Chin Woo Head Coach George Yuancheng Guo’s trip to China later in the year. Coach Guo is travelling to China in order to sit his exam for his seventh Duan level. The Duan system, used by China to rank specialists in Chinese Martial Arts, is divided into nine levels whereby Coach Guo already holds the first six levels. This gain in rank will help Chin Woo by raising its profile in New Zealand and will also allow Coach Guo to bring back martial knowledge from China to Chin Woo’s members. The evening brought in over $2160, and with the $1000 raised by Chin Woo Wellington, Coach Guo’s costs are almost completely covered.
The evening began with a speech by Chin Woo Executive member Jack Chan and a demonstration by members of Auckland’s Chin Woo Wushu team.

The movie shown was the Chinese film, Champions. Champions is based on the story of China’s introduction into the Olympic Games in Berlin, 1936 and of the persons involved in the organisation and eventual participation into the Games. It amused the audience with its combination of slapstick and verbal comedy. Its action scenes were top notch, highlighting the talent of the slightly aged Xu Xiangdong playing the villain turned ally,On Yang. Xu Xiangdong, Ex-beijing team member and expert contempory Eagle Claw (Yingzhaoquan) stylist of the early to mid eighties, demonstrated that age does not reduce martial capability; putting on a memorable fight scene with many of the trademark eagle claw grappling techniques. Supporting Xu were Yu Rongguang (notable for his appearances in many Hong Kong Jet Li films) and Li Hui.

Chin Woo would like to thank South Seas Film School for the use of their facilities, Siuyuat and Garduen Wong for the catering. Daniel Crothers and Berin Hunter for all their help in organising the event, particularly Daniel’s contribution to both ticket creation and venue hire. Also to thank are members of Chin Woo and their families for the all the food provided, and those athletes Thank you for your generous gesture.

Finally, Chin Woo would like to thank all who attended or gave their support, your contribution will help Chin Woo grow and it is greatly appreciated.

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