Chin Woo Star Assessment -Update

The 2011 CWNZ Star Assessment was held at the Westwave Recreation Centre in Henderson, Auckland on Sunday 29/05.

The 34 participants and with their many supporters have packed the gymnasium floor just before the starting time at 1:30pm. During the next two hours, each student had to take centre stage up to three turns in group of between 2 to 4, depending on their level of assessment, demonstrating their mastery of various Chin Woo International Regulated empty hands & weapons, such as broadsword, staff and spear forms.

After the physical part of assessment, participants were asked to complete the cultural half by answering a multiple choice questionnaire on cultural aspects of Chin Woo New Zealand and Wu Shu.

This event was concluded with a light-hearted discussion by the Chairman Peter Yu, with all the participants on the meaning and purposes of the Chin Woo concept.

Coach Guo has commented on the improvement of standards of the participants since last year.

Chin Woo New Zealand would like to congratulate the following students on their successful attainment:


Akari Winter

Amanda Yong

Bright Cui

Derek Buchanan

Farah Thien

Helen Cheng

Henry Zhang

Janelle Chong

Joshua Tan

Julia Ling

Matthew Li

Miller Fang

Morland Dong

Nick Christopher Ewens

Oscar Qian

Qin Luo

Raymond Li

Sacchi Shin-Clayton

Sealand Dong

Selena Guo

Sung Hwan Shin

Tony Lee

Yongwhan Shin

Yonland Dong


Alexandra Kai Fong

Fendi Thien

Jeffrey Li

Jennie Zhang

Jenny Ling

Joshua Botting

Lu-Kerne Lee

Ngaroma Buchanan

Rangiatea Buchanan

Seira-Ann Shin-Clayton

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