Visit from Tianjin Chin Woo, China

Chin Woo NZ has received a surprise visit from the Secretary General of Tianjin Chinwoo, Mr. Ren Guang Hua, accompanied by an assemble of Executives from the Tianjin Tourism Bureau as part of their fact founding tour and promotion of Tianjin as a new tourist destination to the Oceania region.

This visit to the Oceania region by the group is to promote tourism for overseas visitors to include the recently completed “Huo Yuan Jia Memorial Museum & Resort” ahead of the 12th World Chin Woo Festival & Tournament upcoming in mid October this year.

These special guests were hosted at the Sun World Chinese Restaurant in Auckland on 22/04 by Chin Woo NZ’s Vice-Chairman Mr. Jack Chan and Head Coach Mr. Coach Guo. Gifts & Associations’ pennants were exchanged. Even though the visit was brief but relationship between Chin Woo NZ & Tianjin are further cemented.

Pictured Below
Mr. Ren Guang Hua, Secretary General – Tianjin Chinwoo Athletic Association
Mr. Tong Jing Zheng, Vice-President – Tianjin Tourism Bureau
Mr. Ye Hong Wu, Director – Tianjin Tourism Bureau (Organizing Office of CTIE)
Mr. Wu Yong Gui, Director – Tourism Administration of Xiqing District, Tianjin
Mr. Jack Chan, Vice-Chairman – NZ Chinwoo
Mr. George Guo, Head Coach – NZ Chinwoo

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