Traditional Chin Woo “STAR” Assessment Program

Traditional Chin Woo “STAR” Assessment Program Reactivation
The First in Any Western Country

Date: April 10th, 2010 (Saturday)
Time: Commence at 2:30pm
Venue: Onepoto Primary Scholl, Fraser Avenue, Northcote, Auckland

Regulations: The “Star” system is an assessment system that has been implemented by the World Chin Woo Athletic Federation to evaluate the overall understanding (technical & cultural) of it’s participants for the purpose of popularization and promotion of Wushu worldwide.

A) Levels of “STAR” system:
1) Pre-requisite to “Star”
2) One Star
3) Two Stars
4) Three Stars

B) Requirements for applicants:
1) Pre-requisite grade – training under one year
2) One Star grade – training for one year or more and completed the Tan Tui, Gong Li Quan & Qun Yang Gun forms
3) Two Stars grade – must have obtained One Star and have completed the Jie Quan, Ba Gua Dao & Jie Tan Tui forms
4) Three Stars grade – must have obtained Two Stars and have completed Da Zhan Quan, Wu Hu Qiang, Dan Dao Chuan Qiang & Tao Quan forms

C) Cost:
1) Pre-requisite grade $20
2) One Star grade $40
3) Two Stars grade $60
4) Three Stars grade $80

All assessments comprise of both technical & cultural component. Certificates will be issued to all participants at the award ceremony, time and venue to be announced on a later date.

All applications & payment must be received by Chin Woo New Zealand no later than April 2nd, 2010.

Any queries in relation to this should be directed to Peter Yu or George Guo.

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