The Sixth Annual Chin Woo Wushu Competition

On Sunday the 13th of September, the sixth annual Chin Woo NZ Wushu Competition was held at Farm Cove Intermediate Gym.

The competition attracted over fifty competitors from around the country, competing in over 150 events which varied between contemporary and traditional wushu taolu. As in previous years, the morning was dedicated to traditional Chin Woo taolu with the afternoon given over a range of contemporary forms as well as special guest demonstrations by the judges of the events, plus wing tsun and taiji groups from across Auckland.

With the competitors achieving great results, it’s impressive to see a years’ worth of improvement across such a large group. Not only were there a larger number of competitors, but the overall standard has risen greatly, particularly amongst the younger competitors. It will be impressive to see what talent emerges next year.

Chin Woo New Zealand would like to thank all the officials and helpers for their dedicated service in this 2009 event, from the helpers who have to do the early collection of mats at 6:30am in the morning, to the officials who have to judge right throughout the day between 9:30am to 4:30pm with only a few breaks in-between and to the unflinching Master Chef who has single-handedly provided the stable diet of nearly 200 sausage in blanket to keep the athletes and officials from going hungry on the day.

Special thanks would have to go to Lucy Ong and Coach Guo’s family for their superb organizational skill in preparing and keeping the items running smoothly on the day. Also our heart-felt thanks to the ladies from the Northcote Community Tai-Chi group for their wonderful demonstration which was impressive and professional. The results of this tournament are shown below.

Official Results

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