Summaries of the 2014/2015 CWNZ Kung Fu Journey from our two youngest members

I’ve been to Hong Kong a few times in my lifetime and found it a good experience but I never actually got the chance to look further. With the 2014 Kung Fu tour, I did.

We went to many places around China in a large tour bus. We got to stop at cities daily and stayed in good hotels that had been thought out properly. We had many great Tour Guides to show us these different cities. They showed us around different sites as we were in our bus and there was much history behind it all. One of my favourite sites that we went to was the theme park in Shenzhen, Guangzhou where they had miniaturised lots of different iconic sites from around China all to be at one place. They also had shows about various Chinese shows which was very interesting to watch. I remember one show where there was an amazing dancer who could somehow bend her body in many ways you would not believe humanly possible.

I also remember looking at the Dazu Rock Carvings in Chongqing. There were many interesting rock carvings made by one person, but were preserved for many thousands of years. This site really stood out for me and was given “World Heritage Site” status in 1999.

Another fine experience I also found pleasing was conquering the Wudan Mountain. We spent a good part of the day walking up this amazing mountain and looking at the view from the top was pleasing. The view was not only spectacular but my family placed our mark at the top, by getting our very own padlock with our family name to prove we were here!

Another aspect of the journey I also enjoyed was the food and the experience. I didn’t know much Chinese before the journey, only having done a year’s worth of Mandarin at school but being exposed to China itself, forced someone like me to make an effort to give it a go and try to understand. The food was also quite interesting and well planned from our tour guide. We tried different foods each day from the various cities we went to. One of my favourite dishes was the river fish, besides the fact that it had many bones, it was much enjoyable and comparable to the fish at home.

Chris (Age 13)


Going on this journey has made me learn a lot about the history of China, and about the special places and landmarks of this special place. I have also learned about some different styles of kung fu. There were also some great places and times to relax, like on the Yangtze River cruise, and shopping in Hong Kong. I have really enjoyed this great experience.

Jaden (Age 12)

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