Results & photos from the NZ Chin Woo 11th Annual Wushu Competition


Group 4 Five Step Tina Kwok Link Zhu Spencer Li
Group 1 Tan Tui Laurence Li Joseph Deng Jacob Soykan
Group 4 Tan Tui Tina Kwok Spencer Li n/a
Group 1 Gong Li Quan Nick Ewens Laurence Li Victor Bao
Group 1 Long Fist Nick Ewens Victor Bao Jacob Soykan
Group 1 Shi Zi Zhan Andrew Lu n/a n/a
Group 4 Gun Shu James Young n/a n/a
Group 3 Gong Li Quan Farah Thien Ella Young Corrina Lichthardt
Group 4 Long Fist James Young n/a n/a
Group 3 Long Fist Farah Thien Ella Young Corrina Lichthardt/Kylie Lee
Group 2 Long Fist Jun Selwyn Oscar Qian Mick Shi
Group 3 Gun Shu Farah Thien Corrina Lichthardt Ella Young
Group 1 Gun Shu Nick Ewens Laurence Li Andrew Lu
Group 4 Shi Zi Zhan Tina Kwok James Young Link Zhu
Group 2 Dao Shu Jun Selwyn n/a n/a
Group 3 Tan Tui Ella Young Corrina Lichthardt Becky Cheng
Tan Tui / Shi Zi Shan Andy Kwok Samuel Sajch n/a
Shi Zi Zhan (Female) Susan Sun Becky Cheng n/a
Shi Zi Zhan (Male) Andy Kwok Samuel Sajch n/a
Traditional Dao Shu 1 Farah Thien Nick Ewens n/a
Traditional Dao Shu 2 Oscar Qian Luke Ji n/a


The Chin Woo NZ Committee wishes to congratulate all the above winners and would like to encourage and challenge them to do even better next year.

The highlights of the day were the demonstration put on by Sifu Leo Cui and students from the New Zealand Wudang Zhaobao Tai Chi Centre, as well as the various Wushu Forms performed by the members of the triumphant New Zealand Team at the August World Chin Woo Tournament in Shanghai.

Our thanks to all the judges, helpers for their assistance in making this a successful event and special thanks to Lucy Ong for the overseeing of arrangements for this tournament including publicity. To Chris and Daniel Rippon and David Cutler for the transportation of the competition mats. To Jules Longdin-Prisk for the usage of a sound system and last but not least to David Cutler for his generosity in donating the cost of this venue.

For photos please click on this link kindly provided by Joey Guzman:


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