New Premises for Wellington School of Tai Chi Chuan

On Saturday 2nd August 2008 Chin Woo New Zealand had the great honor in being asked to open the new training premises of the Wellington School of Tai Chi Chuan.

Led by Chin Woo member instructor Sifu Hennie Barnard, the Wellington School of Tai Chi Chuan has recently relocated from previous premises in Lower Hutt to newly renovated premises at 51 Halford Place, Petone.

Sifu Hennie has spent the past three months renovating the former Petone Film Club rooms with the grateful assistance of his wife Hettie and the many students of the school.

The training hall has been tastefully decorated and boasts a lavishly polished timber floor, training mirrors and a very well proportioned kitchen.

Chin Woo NZ Chairman Peter Yu was invited to Open the new training rooms. Also representing Chin Woo was Regional Director for Wellington David Chan and Chin Woo Life Member Miki Schmidt.

The quality and finishing of the schools new premises are a testament to Sifu Hennie’s commitment to his students and a representation of his lifelong work and dedication to training and supporting traditional Chinese martial arts.

The Opening was very much a warm family like affair and at times was quite moving with several of Sifu Hennies students publically expressing their sincere appreciation for his commitment and investment in them in providing the new premises.

About Sifu Hennie Barnard

Sifu Hennie Barnard is a professional Tai Chi Chuan instructor with over 50 years of experience in traditional martial arts with the last 20 years specializing in Tai Chi Chuan. In addition to heading the Wellington School of Tai Chi Chuan, he is actively involved in promoting the benefits Tai Chi Chuan in the community through his involvement in community based education programmes.

Sifu Hennie Barnard can be contacted on 04-938 4690, Mobile: 027 316 9555, or

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