New Kung Fu School to open in Wellington

With the assistance of the Chin Woo Athletic Association of New Zealand Wellington Branch, a new Chinese Martial Art School is to open soon in Wellington.

Sifu Peter Sue, a long term supporter of traditional Chinese martial arts, has agreed to open a school solely dedicated to teaching traditional Chinese martial arts and culture. Sifu Sue who has been training for some 40 years also operates his own acupressure clinic.

Pictured below is Sue Sifu demonstrating with his student Aaron Chan.

Sifu Peter Sue studied martial arts under the late Sifu Bill Young who in 1968, founded the first Chinese martial arts school in New Zealand. During his early years of training, Sifu Sue had the opportunity to train with visiting Chinese and Japanese sailors, some of whom were masters of various kung fu styles including Hung Gar, White Eyebrow and Chow Gar Southern Praying Mantis. Being one of the founding student’s Sifu was invited to practice in Sifu Bill’s school with these masters who shared their knowledge with Sifu Sue and other high ranking students.

Classes will commence on Monday 18th February 2008. For more information and to register your name, please contact Teresa Chan on 021 075 2838 or

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