More Medals for Chin Woo NZ Athletes

A big congratulation goes to the 3 athletes representing CWNZ at the recent Wushu Tournament organised by Wu Shu Culture Association (organiser Orlando Garcia) in Auckland on Saturday May 30th 2009. Among them they have won 2 Gold and 4 Silver Medals:

Tony Chen (10 years & under), Empty Hands – Silver, Weapons – Silver
Bryan Lau (17 & under), Northern Fist – Silver, Short Weapons – Silver
Siu Yuat Wong (18+), Northern Fist – Gold, Short Weapons – Gold

The Chinese word 以武会友meaning “friendship through martial arts” is part of the mission statement of CWNZ. Chin Woo NZ will continue to sponsor and support students of Chin Woo to participate in all worthwhile and legitimate tournaments locally and abroad.

Besides our own annual CWNZ tournament upcoming on Sunday September 13, 2009 to be held in Auckland, the other important happening will be the World Chin Woo Movements marking its 100th Anniversary Celebration in Shanghai in 2010 (an international tournament will be part of this celebration). The exact date has yet to be announced.

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