Membership Fees


To simplify the membership administration and to ease the burden for our members having to remember their renewal date which may fall on various times of the year, the 1st of April has now been adopted each year as the renewal date and will take effect forthwith.

At the last CW Executives meeting 02/12/2006, it was assented by all executives to remedy this confusion by adopting for a fixed date renewal for everyone.

For anyone whose membership renewal falls between October to March will only require to pay half of the current annual membership fee ($20) and the full amount if their due date is between April to September.

Furthermore, any prospective new members joining after October 2007 may elect to pay the half fee for the remainder of the year plus the full fee for the following year at the same time. Which means their membership will be valid till 31/03/2009.

Thank you all for your understanding in this matter and for your continual support to CWNZ.

Robert Pointon
New Zealand Chin Woo Secretary General

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