Chin Woo Wellington – Chinese New Year Festival

The Year of the Rabbit – Chinese New year 2011 was welcomed in with style thanks to the work of the Asian Community Trust, Wellington City Council and the many community organisations that contributed to bring fair and flavour to the Capital. Chin Woo Wellington Region was one such group that volunteered its member’s time and energy to entertain and inform the public on the merits and importance of traditional Chinese martial arts in today’s society.

On Saturday 5th February, younger Chin Woo members from the NZ Ling Nan Wushu Association took part in the Sin Nian Rabbit Party held at Wellington’s Civic Square. Despite the threat of rain, the event went smoothly and involved a brief but energetic demonstration of hap gar kung fu followed by a ‘have a go’ session involving younger members in the audience following basic kung fu hand and leg movements. Despite their youth, the group of eight showed maturity and courage in sharing their art with the public, qualities which lie at the heart of the Chin Woo ideal.

The following weekend was the finale of the CNY celebrations in Wellington, culminating in “Festival Day” on Sunday 13th. Chin Woo’s presence was never far from the festivities with a Chin Woo Stand operating throughout the entire day and two martial arts demonstrations to entertain the audiences inside TSB Arena. The Chin Woo Stand was a chance for members of the public to enquire about learning a traditional Chinese martial art. The table was staffed by knowledgeable Chin Woo members who were practitioners themselves. This is one of the key differentiating features and indeed strengths of Chin Woo in that nearly all of our members are actively involved in studying Chinese martial arts. Thanks to the efforts of Chin Woo Wellington Executives Geoff and Miki, supported by Mercedes, Maria, Arron and my wife Mancie, the Chin Woo information stand was strongly maintained throughout the day. Thanks also to the many Chin Woo members and friends who visited us and gave their support throughout the day.

Up on the markets stage Arron Chan and yours truly entertained the crowd with a demonstration of the Hung Gar Pole form Sup Saap Cheung or 13 Points Spear Stick. In the early afternoon, Chin Woo members from the NZ Wing Tsun Association gave a highly professional demonstration of traditional Wing Tsun kung fu form and application. With the recent popularity of the Ip Man films, the audience needed little introduction to the style and it was a very well received and enjoyable performance.

The festivities were a lot of fun and provided a great opportunity to entertain and inform the public on the many benefits of learning Chinese martial arts. Overall, a very enjoyable occasion for the many who attended with lots to see, do and or course eat.

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