Chin Woo Star Assessment results

Chin Woo New Zealand wishes to congratulate all the students who have successfully passed their Chin Woo Star Assessment, held in Mt Albert Grammar School, Mt Albert,  Auckland on 20th September 2015.

Novice Grade (1 star)
Daniel Wang

Grade One (1 star 1 gold stripe)
Angela Chen
Jessie Chen
Becky Cheng
Rooney Do
Poppy Fill
Brandon Huang
Andy Kwok
Tina Kwok
Spencer Li
Sepanta Seyedsalehi
Jacob Soykan
Susan Sun

Grade Two (1 star 2 gold stripes)
Victor Bao
Kevin Guo
Heo Wei Hsu
Jim Hsu
Kylie Lee
Yin Chi Lee
Lawrence Li
Andrew Lu
Annie Sun
Wesley Wang
Spencer Wong
Ella Young
James Young
Coco Zhu
Link Zhu

Grade Three (1 star 3 stripes)
Nick Ewens
Corrina Lichthardt
Farah Thien

Grade Four (2 stars 1 stripe)
Mark Botting
Michelle Lee
Tony Lee

Grade Five (2 stars 2 stripes)
Rangiatea Buchanan
Helen Cheng

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