Chin Woo NZ 10th Annual Tournament

“Let a hundred flowers blossom.” A popular Chinese saying that conveys the intention to bring out the best from a multitude of practitioners in any undertaking, was a very appropriate phrase used to describe Chin Woo New Zealand’s most recent event.

The Chin Woo Athletic Association of New Zealand Inc (CWNZ) hosted its 10th Annual Tournament at the Mt Albert Grammar School, in Mt Albert, Auckland on Sunday 15th September 2013. The event was well attended by students from many different parts of Auckland, and it required two teams of referees over two full-sized rings to showcase the various age groups in the many barehanded and weapons routines during a seven-hour period. Notably there were a lot more younger ones as young as four or five years of age than previous years, however the skill and flair they demonstrated goes beyond the concentration and focus of their peers of a similar age, and they could well becoming the future wushu stars of Australasia in the years to come. Please see the attachment below for results of this tournament.

At the conclusion of the tournament, spectators and competitors were treated to a display of traditional Southern style Kung-Fu known as Wing Tsun by about 20 members from the Auckland branch of NZ Wing Tsun Association, followed by an awesome demonstration of wushu skills by the referees.

Chin Woo New Zealand would like to thank all the referees and helpers on the day for their ardent effort, with a special thanks to Lucy Ong, the Chief Tournament planner for her meticulous organisational skills and to David Cutler’s logistics team for their precision timing in delivering the floor mats on time, last but not least to Chris Rippon, our food kiosk chief with his selection of tasty morsels and hot drinks throughout the day. All of their efforts made this event a success.

Our cordial thanks to Kiwi Asset Finance Limited, for their generosity in sponsoring this CWNZ 2013 event.

This annual tournament has gained popularity and is recognised as one of the most legitimate Chin Woo forms-based competition events in New Zealand. Some of the athletes that have gained good results from the CWNZ tournaments have achieved very good results in international tournaments recently.

Apart from the traditional Chin Woo forms, there were categories specified under the International Wushu Federation, i.e. International Competition Forms, optional routine and traditional forms. Medals for seventeen different bare-hand routines (including Tai Chi), short (saber, sword and broad-saber) and long weapons (staff and spear) categories were up for grabs.

The tournament was an opportunity for participants to exchange knowledge and develop friendship through competition. Learning and practicing the martial ethics is equally important as learning and practicing the techniques in wushu. While drinking water, one must remember its source. In the case of wushu, one should always remember and pay respect to their instructor, for it is due to their commitment that the tradition and art advances to the next generation.

CWNZ2013_Result Field 1&2

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