Chin Woo New Zealand Star Assessment

Chin Woo New Zealand would like to congratulate the following students in their successful completion of both technical and cultural components of the Star Assessment System in April 2010:

Two Stars

Geno Mendoza, Minh Nguyen & Jun Selwyn

One Star

Rangiatea Buchanan, Ngaroma Buchanan, Seira-Ann Shin-Clayton, Daniel Crothers, Tessa Ewens, Alexandra Kai Fong, Robert Gao, Wenbo Ge, Carlos Lau, Michelle Wei-Erl Lee, Jeffery Li, Jun Hong Lim, Jenny Ling, Nicole Tan, Fendi Thien, Harris Thien, Wey Ern Thoo, Cindy Yang, Don Zhang, Jenny Zhang & Meng Gen Zhang

May you all continue to strive for excellence in your quest for the heritage of Chinese Kung Fu/Wu Shu and may all wear your new T-shirt with pride!


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