Chin Woo Athletes to Compete in Auckland Wushu Tournament (by Peter Yu)

The following 13 students have been selected by Chief Chin Woo Wu-shu Coach George Guo to represent Chin Woo New Zealand at a tournament to be held in Tamaki College Recreation Centre, Glen Innes, Auckland on Saturday 31/05.

One of the many practicing grounds before the 10th World Chin Woo World Championship in late November in Ipoh, Malaysia. We would like to congratulate these students who have achieved the level of standard set by a very demanding Coach Guo and wishing them all the very best at this tournament.

Always to remember it is friendship first and winning second!

Jun Selwyn: Youth Long Fist, Staff, Qun Yang Gun
Lushien Lee: Tan Tui, Qun Yang Gun
Berin Hunter: Spear, Sword, Wu HuQiang
Daniel Crothers: Jie Quan, Qun Yang Gun
Vincent Tan: Jie Quan, Qun Yang Gun
Tom Cotton: Long Fist, Spear, Sword, Double Broad Sword, Di Tang Quan
Geno Hipolito: Southern Fist, Qun Yang Gun, Ba Gua Dao, Da Dao
Bryan Lau: Long Fist, Staff, Ba Gua Dao, Qun Yang Gun
Dylan Gao: Long Fist, Staff, Qun Yang Gun
Lu-Kerne Lee: Youth Long Fist, Qun Yang Gun
Quinton Tan: Southern Fist, Gong Li Quan
Jeffrey Wang: Long Fist, Sword, Qun Yang Gun, Di Tang Quan
Hailey Guo: Long Fist, Qun Yang Gun, Ba Guan Dao

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