2nd Chinese Traditional Wushu Training & Chinese Wushu Duan System Examination 2009

On the invitation of Beijing Wushu Institute, Chin Woo New Zealand nominated 5 of the association’s Life Members to participate at the 2009 Chinese Traditional Wushu Training & Chinese Wushu Duan System Examination Camp for Overseas Practitioners, held in Beijing 2nd – 7th August.

The training courses were divided into two groups depending on the practitioner’s level, empty hand fist forms or weapons training such as 13 section steel whip, double sword spears, straight sword, broadsword, cudgel & spear forms in Ba Gua, Xing Yi, Pao Chui, Fan Zi, Tong Bei, Liu He, Northern Praying Mantis, Ba Ji, Cha Quan, Tai Ji Quan & Yong Chun Quan.

At the end of the training, an examination was held for each participant to determine their ranking in the Chinese Wushu Duan System, under topics of Wushu ethics, theories as well as physical skills.

There are total of 9 Duan Wei grades divided into 3 levels: Elementary Duan (1st to 3rd Duan), Intermediate Duan (4 to 6th Duan) and Advanced Duan (7 to 9th Duan).

Chin Woo New Zealand is in jubilance to announce the combined achievement of the following 5 participants:

Coach George Guo – 7th Duan Wei
Sifu Peter Sue – 6th Duan Wei
Sifu Melissa Chan – 6th Duan Wei
Teresa Chan – 4th Duan Wei
Arron Chan – 3rd Duan Wei

The 6th and 7th Duan Wei recipients were required to submit a detailed dissertation on Chinese martial arts as well as submit to a rigorous assessment of their technical abilities.

In addition, Coach George Guo’s 7th Duan Wei award recognized his significant contribution and success in developing Wushu in New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia and China spanning several years.

Our heartfelt congratulations to them all!

Since 1998 the Chinese Wushu Association together with the National Sport Commission and the Chinese Wushu Research Institute has established a graduation system based on nine Duan levels.

Dan or Degrees (ie Black Belt 1st Dan, 2nd Dan, 3rd Dan etc) are common in Japanese and Korean martial arts, but less common in Chinese martial arts. However some of the world’s leading Wushu organizations are now adopting them, and Chin Woo New Zealand believe they are beneficial.

The Duan Wei assessment enhances transparency and provides a level of standardization amongst Chinese martial arts practitioners. Successful Duan Wei recipients have been screened by a panel of experts in various aspects of Wushu and awarded Duan Wei according to their level of proficiency and contribution to developing Chinese martial arts.

Chin Woo New Zealand has been an advocate for such transparency and standardization in Chinese martial arts for many years.

Amongst its members, Chin Woo New Zealand now holds over 30 Duan Wei ranks. This achievement shows strength of commitment in developing Chinese martial arts in New Zealand. Chin Woo New Zealand is the leading Chinese martial arts organization for Duan Wei ranked members officially recognized by the Chinese Wushu Federation in China.

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