2009 Beijing TCMA Training and Duan System Examination for Overseas (Kung Fu) Wushu Practitioners

Chin Woo New Zealand have received an invitation to send eligible members to Beijing in August 2009 to complete the Training and Duan System Examination laid down by the Chinese Wushu Federation.

The Chinese (kung fu) wushu Duan system is a system used to evaluate and advance the technical ability, moral ethics and overall development of (kung fu) wushu worldwide.

There are nine levels of Duan.

Elementary Duan: 1st Duan, 2nd Duan, 3rd Duan
Intermediate Duan: 4th Duan, 5th Duan, 6th Duan
Advanced Duan: 7th Duan, 8th Duan, 9th Duan

For more information on the Duan ranking system please Search “Duan” at www.iwuf.org or you can download a copy of the same information from the Downloads section of this website.

Those interested in learning more about the Duan System and perhaps joining the Chin Woo NZ Team to travel to Beijing in August 2009 are invited to attend a meeting that will be held in Wellington at 8pm on Friday the 24th October 2008. The venue for the meeting is Level 1, 45 Courtenay Place.

If you have any questions in relation to this please do not hesitate to email me: davidchan@orcon.net.nz.

David Chan

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