11th World Chinwoo Wushu Tournament & Cultural Festival 2010 100th Anniversary of Shanghai Chin Woo Athletic Federation

Shanghai Chinwoo Athletic Federation has announced that they will be hosting the 11th World Chinwoo Wushu Tounament & Cultural Festival and the centenary celebration of the world Chinwoo movement in Shanghai between August 3rd – 9th 2010.

The events will include Wushu, Calligraphy & Wrestling competition, a forum on Chinwoo in the last 100 years & the 100th Anniversary Celebration for the formation of Shanghai Chinwoo. One of the added bonuses is the sightseeing including the 2010 World Expo which happens to be held Shanghai around the same time.

The Wushu competition events are divided into four groups, the 10 official Chin Woo Forms, Traditional Wushu Forms, International Wushu Forms & Performances. Competitors may take part in 1 or all 4 events.

These events are open to all Chin Woo fraternity members worldwide, all Chinwoo NZ members are welcome to participate in this monumental celebration. For registration please contact George Guo 09-5355928 (Upper North Island) or Peter Yu 04-3847832 (Lower North Island & South Island).

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