An Eventful August

The 15th World Chin Woo Wushu Tournament & Cultural Festival will be hosted by the Yuyao chapter of the Chin Woo fraternity from 8th to 12th August 2018. Yuyao is a major city in the Zhejiang province, located just over 200km south of Shanghai.

The competition events will include:

  • traditional Chin Woo empty hands and weapons form
  • the IWUF competition empty hands and weapons forms
  • Chinese calligraphy
  • Chinese painting
  • Chinese chess

Prior to this biennial tournament, as part of an update to the World Chin Woo Championship judging management program, a refresher course will be held for all current international and local judges to be updated/upskilled before the competition event. This is a certification programme recognised by the World Chin Woo Federation. The course will be held over two days on 7th and 8th August.

Immediately after the 15th World Chin Woo event, the Tianjin Chin Woo organisation will hold their first World Chin Woo Huo Yuan-Jia Cup tournament in commemoration of the founder of the Chin Woo Movement Huo Yuan-Jia’s 150th birthday anniversary. The tournament will be held from 14th to the 16th August. Tianjin is in the Hebei province, about 1,300km north-east of Yuyao.

Chin Woo New Zealand (CWNZ) is currently making all arrangements to facilitate all officials, athletes and supporters to attend this triple-event. All athletes will be selected based on their merit and commitment by CWNZ’s Chief Wushu Coach George Guo who will be accompanying the team to China. All officials such as Team Leader and Manager will be appointed by the Chin Woo New Zealand Central Committee. Any Chin Woo New Zealand members wishing to attend as supporters are welcomed. Please email for information on conditions and cost to attend this mega-triple event of the year.

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